District: McAllen ISD (CPE Provider #108906)



Welcome NEW TEACHERS & STAFF to McAllen ISD!

To access ERO, please submit New Employee Profile Form to create an account on ERO.  Click on the link to access the form http://mws.mcallenisd.net/_pdfs/staffdev/Employee%20Profile%20Form.pdf

Select link to view and print the New Teacher Professional Learning Schedule:


You will receive confirmation emails, reminders, and update information regarding your sessions (cancelled or dropped sessions) from ERO providing your email is correct. If you are not receiving emails from ERO, your email on your profile may need to be corrected: **Update Your ERO Profile - If you have moved to another school or department, had changes in assignment, grade level or email, update your ERO profile today through ERO.

  • Out-of-District Sessions That Will Be Used for Time Equivalency Credit - Pre-approval is needed from the principal. Use form sent through your email, and on website: http://mws.mcallenisd.net/_pdfs/staffdev/2014-15%20Time%20Equivalency%20Out-of-District%20PL%20Form.pdf . It can be electronically completed and signed. Instructions:
    • Complete Section 1, and sign electronically.
    • Secure electronic signature(s) from Principal/Department Supervisor on Section 2; and when applicable*, from District Level Administration prior to attending session.
    • Upon course completion, complete Section 3, and submit a request for Out-of-District Transfer Credit through ERO (instructions http://mws.mcallenisd.net/_pdfs/staffdev/Requesting%20Credit%20for%20Out-of-District.pdf)
    • Then submit this form with supporting documentation via email to Mayree Moreno in the Office for Professional Development at mamoreno@mcallenisd.net to receive Time Equivalency Credit.
  •  Time Equivalency Guidelines - Time Equivalency starts June 1, 2014 and ends March 31, 2015. Please take time to review the 2014-2015 Time Equivalency Guidelines. Be on time to all sessions. Late arrivals will not be allowed. 
  • 2014-2015 How to Request Out-of-District Transfer Credit - To request Out-of-District Transfer Credit through ERO, download a copy of the instructions. http://mws.mcallenisd.net/_pdfs/staffdev/Requesting%20Credit%20for%20Out-of-District.pdf 
  • Session Evaluation – At the end of your sessions, take time to complete the session evaluation.
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